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I Stop And Pray

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A song about my commitment to stop each day and pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ


I Stop, I stop and pray!

All round the world please here my call
Time cause the walls of hate to fall
Time to come together now in peace
If we pray the wars and death may cease
Each and everyday some kill or die
Mothers, father sisters brothers cry
There has got to be a better way
So each day we all should stop and pray

It’s a sin and a shame, and I just don’t understand
So many people are killing one and other and they are spreading hate across the land
But in the middle of hate, a righteous soul can’t swayed
Instead of hating, on the savior they are waiting and and they send up a prayer everyday

Everyday on the news, the evil stories unfold
Death and destructions somebodies tax deduction and blood is spilled for money and gold
But burning deep in my heart, The love of God shows the way.
To come together and make the world much better we need to all stop and pray

Every morning whether the sun is shining or its storming I stop and I stop and pray
Every night before I got to sleep, deep from my heart to the Lord I speak oh yeah, I stop and pray

Whether blue or red I just don’t care, praying for Gods children everywhere
If it’s 13 or the 14 Brothas time to wipe the whole slate clean
If you are Black or brown or White, its time to end all racial fights
Its time to get together and work together with love together lets pray together

Copyright 2012 S. Towery