I originally wrote and produced this song in 1995. It was then signed to a publishing deal in London. Recently the publishing rights reverted back to me. So I re-wrote and re-produced it. Free download to those who like it. Don't forget to sign my guest book


When You Live, In The Bottle<br />When You Live, In The Bottle<br /><br />You use to be the man, you had it going on<br />You to have a dream and always had a scheme you was working on<br />Some how along the way, you took a pause for the cause<br />And you began to drink and now your dreams gone from sight and lost <br /><br />When you live, in the bottle (repeat)<br /><br />Now brotha can&rsquo;t you see, that time is not so gauranteed.<br />But it is not too late, you still can reach for your dreams<br />Don&rsquo;t you know that the race, is not for the fast or very strong<br />And the victory, goes to the one who keeps keeping on<br /><br />But when you live, in the bottle (repeat)<br />Its so sad, so sad, so sad<br /><br />

Copyright 2012 S. Towery