Welcome to Grown folks Music County


Grown Folks Music, on Stoneman Avenue<br /><br />Put the kids to bed and wait till they are sleep<br />Cause some thing just weren&rsquo;t meant for them to hear or see.<br />Call your friends and say it time for grownup sounds<br />So come on over where mature folks break it down<br />No time for MTV no time for teenie bops<br />Lets hear some R&amp;B, some real old school hip-hop<br />Theres nothing wrong young folks music its all cool<br />But when adults get down we have this one big rule it must be<br /><br />Grown Folks Music, on Stoneman Avenue<br /><br />Harmony and Bass is what we really crave<br />The kind we use to bump from way back in the day<br />Lyrics full of hope and faith for better times<br />A lot of soulful singing and some ghetto rhymes<br />Lets do the latest dance but do it our own way<br />Cause everything that&rsquo;s out looks like old dances anyway<br />No need to watch the clock the time is all our own<br />Lets drink and have a blast everybody here is grown and we listen to<br /><br />Grown Folks Music, on Stoneman Avenue <br /><br />Sometimes we want the funk and rock like way back in the day<br />And when here some flow there knowledge in the things they say<br />Sometimes we slow it down cause grown folks do grown thangs<br />You know those sexy songs like Luther and like Marvin Gaye<br />Sometimes we jazz it up like benson and Al Jerou<br />Sometimes we pump it up and crazy out on the dance floor<br />No matter what we do we we do it all in fun<br />Cause grown floks don&rsquo;t have time for violence and guns when we listen to<br /><br />Grown Folks Music, on Stoneman Avenue<br /><br />Written, arranged, produced, performed and engineered entirely by Stoneman for &ldquo;One Man Band Productions&rdquo;