Hey There,

Hope all is going well with you and yours.  Me?  I am blessed to be alive and able to do the things that I love doing.    Just wanted to send you an update on everything I have been up to.  This year has started out with a big bang boom bam.  Lots of great things going on with my adventures in music.
Current Commercial Releases:

My Rock & Roll/Country Cd (Stoneman, Just Keep Living) on Nub Country Records (United Kingdom) has just been released.  It is currently in rotation on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1 Xtra, BBC Radio 6, Xfm, as well as a variety of American radio stations.  Nub Country Records is a Grammy Nominated independent label with worldwide distribution. They are very excited about me and my music and are working hard at getting the music heard through out Europe and other international channels. 

My R&B/Dance/Hip-Hop CD (Stoneman, Don't Give Up) was released late last year on the Respect Music label in Germany.  It is also currently getting airplay in Europe. 
Up Coming Releases:

My EDM/Dance single (I'm I'm I'm Just Saying) will be released by end of March on the Nub Country Label.

My EDM/Dance CD will be released by end of April.  The CD title has yet to be decided.

My Reggae CD will be released by summertime.  The CD title has yet to be decided
Spotlight Songs:

Just Keep Living (Rock & Roll) is the title song for my new country/Rock CD "Stoneman, Just Keep Living".  It is a hard driving Rock song about persevering through tough times. 

Sumthin's 'Bout 2 Change  (R&B) is a jazzy song from the R&B Hip-Hop CD "Stoneman, Don't Give Up".  Enjoy!

I'm I'm I'm Just Saying is the rousingly fun EDM/Dance single that will be released very soon now on the Nub Country Records label. 
Stoneman's Corner:

It has been such a fun adventure working on the new EDM CD.  Although I have done a few songs in this genre before, I felt challenged when I took on the task of creating an entire CD of this genre.  The biggest challenge about doing EDM music is the philosophical approach.  Most EDM music has very little value in regards to message or theme.  Basically, the music is meant for dancing, partying and celebration.  As you know, I tend to write a lot of message music.  So, I had to approach the CD from a different perspective.  I call it the "set it off" perspective.  This can be translated down to just "get up and dance" music.  However, I did manage to sneek some not so subliminal messages into a few of the songs.  One in particular (PTL) is a dance song about praising God.  I just couldn't resist bringing forth another non-traditional form of praise.  Anyway, for those of you that don't know, EDM stands for "Electronic Dance Music".  If you have been to a dance club lately there is no doubt that you have heard some EDM music.  It's signature sound is that hard driving bass drum.  Although I have that going on in most of the songs, I also infused several elements of R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop in the songs which gives them a more organic and less robotic feel.  I love creating in contrast.  You know?  Adding instruments that normally wouldn't fit the genre.  So, I added some old school instruments like Rock guitar and Saxophone on some songs which gives them a more universal appeal.  I am very exicited about this release as it showcases many production tools that I seldom use because I seldom produce in this genre.  Very challenging but lots of fun!

I sent a demo of the first song to the recording company in January and they immediately signed up for the entire CD.  They are releasing the first single "I'm I'm I'm Just Saying"  by end of this month.  I will be delivering to them the final 13 song CD by end of this week.  Then I will be taking a vacation and when I come back I will begin work on a Reggae CD that will be finished and released by summertime.  I'm not sure of which label it will be on yet.  My production plans for the summer are up in the air right now.  I want to do a gospel CD but I will have to find a gospel record label that is interested in it first.  Otherwise, I will either do a Jazz or an R&B Love Songs CD.

Last year my focus was on getting signed to record labels and winning more international songwriting contests.  I was successful in doing that.  Some artists spend a lifetime trying to get to this point and never make it.  So I am thankful that two record labels signed me to non-exclusive deals last year.  I am also thankful to have my music industry awards tally up to 44 now.  The next step is to get a hit record.  Unfortunately, it is also the hardest step to take.  There are many factors involved in that process and even though I am signed there is no guarantee that I will ever get a hit record.  But my strategy of being versatile and relentless may just get me there.  My record labels are gaining confidence in my abilities while I gain confidence in theirs.  I am working hard for them and they are working hard for me.  Mutual efforts are essential towards reaching our mutually beneficial goals.  But I will continue to explore more avenues for my music including getting songs licensed to film and possibly even doing some jingles.   

Anyway, thank you so much for your support and encouragement.  I truly appreciate you!  I hope you enjoy the spotlight songs and will take the time to visit my CD sales page on iTunes.  There may be something there that you like.  But even more important than that is the fact that I truly enjoy hearing from you.  Please feel free to get back to me with your comments and thoughts or just to let me know what you are up to with your own life ambitions.

As Always, Much Respect & Admiration
Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery