Give A Brotha Some Love

The mind can be a terrible thing. It fools us into believing we are better than others, more talented, more skilled. However, I have learned after over 30 years of touring, writing and performing that there are no real stars. Or, more importantly we are all stars in someone elses eye's. But music is music. It beckons to the artistic soul and strives to speak while it entertains. A wise artist will learn to respect all creations from all artistic souls. Be it Jazz, Funk, Rock, Soul, Reggae, Pop or Hip-Hop. Respect It for it is truly art. With that said, leave me a note if you enjoy listening to my work. Invite me to your web page and I'll be sure to visit. Stoneman is about destruction of the artistic ego and creation of artistic acceptance and respect. In other words, if you respect me, I will respect you. We all have something to say. I say what's on my mind and heart through music.

One Mo' Thang, The "N" word was created in order to humiliate and degrade Black people. I have no respect for people of any color (including Black) that use the word. Ya Heard Me?
If you don't understand why I feel this way , please go to for further information.
          The below PSA was written and directed by my brother Glenn Towery.  It is a dramatization of the effects of using the "N" word. 

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