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Outstanding Achievements In Songwriting

Welcome to Stoneman Avenue!  The home site for Bentley Records recording artist Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery.  Click on the player at the bottom of the page and the music you will be listening to was all written, produced and performed entirely by Stoneman.  For over 5 decades Stoneman has been delivering award winning original music.

Latest News! ( October 2022)
Stoneman wins a World Songwriting Award from the WSA Best Funk Song Summer 2022
Song: We Don't Ever Give Up
Stoneman signs a recording deal with Bentley Records
Stoneman's new CD "Shine Dee Light" (Reggae) has been released.
Stoneman/s song "We Don't Ever Give Up" was nominated and won a 2022 Golden Kayak Award in The R&B category
Stoneman was nominated for three Golden Kayak Awards in Pop. R&B and Male Artist Of The Year
Stoneman's new CD "I'm I'm I'm Just Sayn" (EDM/Dance) has been released

Stoneman's new CD "Just Keep Living" (Rock/Country) has been released

Stoneman's new CD "Don't Give Up" (R&B/Pop) has been released!
Stoneman's song "Oh Oh Oh" (Hip-Hop) has been nominated for a 2020 Golden Kayak Award.
Stoneman's song "All By Himself" (Gospel) has been nominated for a 2020 Golden Kayak Award

Stoneman's song "Can I Get With You" (A/C) has been awarded "Finalist" in the Great American Songwriting Contest 

Stoneman's song "It's Friday" has been awarded the Golden Kayak Award for Best Dance/Electronic Song

Stoneman's song "To Love" has been awarded Best Reggae Song in the Hollywood Songwriting Contest

Stoneman's song "Danger" (Reggae) has been awarded "Finalist" in the USA Songwriting Contest

Stoneman's song "Hunger" (Reggae) has been awarded "Finalist" in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Stoneman's song "G.A.N.J.A." and his song "We Came To Dance" have both won Nominations by the American Songwriters Awards

Stoneman's new Reggae CD "Shine Dee Light"

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This Months Featured songs are "I'm I'm I'm Just Say'n"
& "Fear In Your Eye's" Enjoy!

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I'm I'm I'm Just Sayn

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