Love Is The Answer

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places. I memorized that scripture many years ago just before I walked into the first prison I preached in. It was a reminder that I was not fighting against the inmates but against those entities that controlled the inmates. For some reason, today as I did my morning walk/prayer it all came back to me. My heart was very low as my eyes can now see what is coming ahead. Recent events are only a trickle of the events about to happen in our lives.

Love appears to be dieing a very slow death. But it is not dead. Even while those who claim to have all the answers become more and more pumped up. Their hate speech permeates the airwaves, the internet and in private conversation. Their lust for hatreds blood has them steam rolling towards their perceived just cause while the emotional bodies of their victims lie helpless on the road of ideological destruction. Lies, distortions, bigotry, hate and political castration are the tools they use to humiliate, indoctrinate and proselytize their tarnished view of the world. Where there is no love, there is only hate. They have succumbed to the love of hate. They are drunk on the power of hate!

Just as I once walked the halls of prisons all over California bringing the good news about love. They now walk the cyber halls of face book, twitter, myspace and many thousands of other places spewing their hateful messages with venomous delight. They even use God’s church as a crutch to uphold and confirm that their hate speech is the truth of the Almighty God. But the love of God is not in them. Only the love of the hatred they have embraced as being the only truth is in them.

So, I have decided to stand up against them with love as my only defense. Love is the truth that cannot be shattered by the lies of hate. Many who fight on both sides have allowed themselves to become pawns and accomplices of the destruction of love. I will not become one of them. I will not retaliate with hate speech of my own. I will not become so blinded by the battle against them that I become one of them. I have seen it happen to so many of my friends. They march in the army of hate while they where a fake breastplate of righteousness. Two sides marching forward towards the battle while being controlled by the same principalities in high places. They no longer know love. They only know the thrill of battle and the lust for ideological blood.

Love is all powerful. Love is forgiving. Love is peaceful, considerate, kind, respectful, accommodating and willing to negotiate mutual concerns with civility, clarity and an eye towards unified acceptance of the results. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. I have no fight against you. But I will fight against your hatred with love. I don’t fear you. I have walked through the gates of hell many times and have been blessed to see the captives set free. I have walked amongst some of the most dangerous people on earth and have seen the power of love slaying them and making them whole again. You don’t scare me. Love cannot be defeated. So there it is. You know who you are just as those who live with love in their hearts know who they are. Despite all the lies you have been told, I am not your enemy. I Love YOU!

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