What Is A True Friend

What Is A True Friend?

I first started my email newsletter back in 1997 because I had so many friends that would ask me question after question about my music career when I would see them in person. I thought that publishing a newsletter would keep them informed and allow me to talk about other things when I saw them. However, since then, the newsletter has taken on several characteristics I hadn’t planned on. It has become a promotional tool, contact list, inspirational column, music educational guide and many other things.

However, the one thing that remains the same is the fact that I consider all of you my friends. I never liked the word “Fan” because it is a derivative of fanatic. Although I have a few friends that are questionable none of them are fanatics ( at least not about me). They are people that I care about and who care about me.

So, today I ask the question: What is a true friend? I tend to think that a true friend is someone that cares about you in spite of all your faults. They are the people that will call when you are sick to check if you alright. They come out to the important events of your life like birthdays, graduations, weddings and stuff like that. They are people that you can call when you need help. So many people claim to be your friend but you never really know for sure until you have to call on them for something other than just friendship. That’s when you start seeing who your true friends are. But in this sense I am speaking about my musical friends. Those people who heard my music and decided to join my email list.

When I released my first solo CD in 2004 I found out very quickly who my true friends were. They were the ones that bought my Cd’s, came to my release party and bought downloads of my music. They were referring other people to my newsletter and sending folks links to my website. They proved their friendship to me by using that good old word called “Action”. You see, a lot of people want to be your friend until they have to do something. When they are asked to do something they run or they hide from you.

I had one so-called friend that I asked to come help me at my CD release party. I asked him because I knew he had experience at running sound. But he didn’t answer my emails and didn’t even show up to the release party. I was so hurt by that. Why? Because I loved him like one of my best friends. You see, I had stuck my neck out for this friend many times. I got him jobs and helped him in time of need. If anyone was going to help me, I just knew it would be him. But he proved he was not really my friend.

Fortunately, I do have many true friends. They are the people that were there shouting and clapping their hands to my music. They prepared a place and food for the show and filled the club with so much love that I was totally overwhelmed. Yes, some music executive would have looked at the event and said: He has great fans! But to me, they were all my great friends. People I cared about and that cared about me.

As I head full steam towards the release of my next CD I am awed by all the new friends that have joined my newsletter. The list has swelled to proportions I never thought it would. But I can’t help but wonder how many of those that have signed up will prove to be true friends. Friends that will act if I need them. I’m heading into deep waters now. Several major labels will be watching me. I am entering contests that will require votes from my friends if I am to win. Whether I succeed or fail depends on one main thing. How many true friends do I have? How many will buy my CD and downloads? How many will forward my emails to their friends? Will they read this whole newsletter and send me a hearty reply? These are questions that will soon answer themselves.

I have one friend that has never ever let me down. He has been there for me no matter what. A long time ago, he even gave his life for me. I hope he is your friend to because when people let you down, he will be there for you. He is the ultimate example of a true friend. Let me know if you ever want to meet him. I’ll be glad to introduce you to my very best friend.

Be Blessed,


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