Morality VS Artistry

Recently I was flabbergasted when someone sent me a nasty note about a song I wrote and produced called “Double Bubble Booty Bay”. I was told that I should be ashamed of myself for writing music like that. She was very upset because she had always loved the way I put important messages of hope, faith and inspiration in most of the music I create. But, she wanted to know how I could possibly stoop so low as to write a song like that.

Well, it took me a long time to answer her because I wanted to ponder the question even further. After all, it is true that I am a retired minister (prison chaplain) and have written many songs of inspiration and faith in my day. But, I have also always been a rebel. You know? The guy that wrote gospel music that sounded more like R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop. Or, the guy who refused to pastor a church because he didn’t want to be involved in organized religion. I was the one who refused to be a part of the collection plate brigade. So, it stands to reason that my music would always be, uh, well, different!

Also, I never liked being put into a box or category. I always liked many different styles of music and that shows in my catalog of over 900 songs. Back in the day I toured with all kinds of bands including Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Rock, Metal, Gospel, Acapella, Pop and even one short stint with a Country band. I have written music in 12 genres and have won awards in 9. So, the rebel in me is in full effect when it comes to my music. I write what I feel and I feel what I write. At the time that I wrote Bubble I was feeling a bit humorous as I had been to a club with some friends and saw these girls dancing that had amazing ass cheeks. I mean they were bouncing independently and moving in ways that I never thought possible. Even my wife said she had never seen anything like it. So, the songwriter in me came out and I wrote about the Double bubble booty girls I had seen at the club. Although the subject matter is a bit crass, I didn’t think it would cause anybody to be upset about it. I mean, these talented girls are in all kinds of dance videos.

So, I wonder what your thoughts may be on this matter. Do you think a songwriter or artist should be bound by some moral code or creed? What about being a role model for children? I just don’t believe that artists, celebrities, athletes etc. should be role models for children. I believe that parents should be role models for their children. What about being held to a genre code? Do you think it is wrong for artists like me to write and produce in a variety of genres? Should we be held to one style? Does being musically explorative make me impure as an artist?

I just wonder if anyone else has written any songs that got people upset? If so, how did you handle it? I must admit that after reading this woman’s words I felt ashamed for a few minutes. Then, I remembered that I am the rebel and have always been different. I don’t wear my morality on my shirt or in my music. I live my morality in my daily life by the way I treat people. As a songwriter I must be free! Free to express myself musically. Sometimes that means that I may write something that will have absolutely no moral or socially redeeming value. Sometimes its humor and other times its just meant to be good old fashioned entertainment. In my mind its just a song. I feel that ass cheeks that can move like that should be written about. I mean, it is an athletic achievement that most women will never be able to accomplish! Kind of Unique? Okay, I’m just fun’n with ya on that one. But on the real tip……………

What do you think? Should I take “Double Bubble Booty Baby” down from all of my websites ?

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